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The information and materials provided to you on ZHub contains both system standards that you must meet in the operation of the Restaurant, as well as “recommended” or “suggested” practices that you may wish to implement (in whole or in part) after consulting with your own business advisors. For example, one such system standard is the requirement that Franchise Owners adhere to all laws related to the operation of their independently owned and operated Restaurants, including those relating to employment matters, to the safety & security of your Guests, and to the sale of alcoholic beverages (among others). This requirement to adhere to all applicable laws is a key system standard of the BWW System. However, we do not establish specific “steps” or “controls” that a Franchise Owner must take to meet this system standard and nothing provided to you via ZHub or any other communication vehicle shifts this important responsibility from you.

As an independently owned and operated business, you are solely responsible for the day-to-day operations of your Restaurant and your day-to-day interaction with your Team Members and Guests, including the specific “steps” or “controls” that you take to meet your obligation to comply with all laws applicable to your Restaurant operations. Accordingly, by accessing this site, you agree that (1) you are solely responsible for all employment, safety & security, alcohol and other day-to-day operational matters related to your Restaurant(s), (2) any information that BWW provides to you in these areas is only a “best practice recommendation” based on our own experience, and (3) providing you with such information in no way shifts any part of this responsibility from you. Before implementing any “best practice recommendation” (or any part of it), you should contact your own lawyer to make sure you understand and comply with all laws applicable to your Restaurant.
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